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Truly Santa


WHAT A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE!! Santa make a quick stop on Christmas Eve as a surprise to the kiddos. Boy we were in for a treat - Santa is such a magical man who brought the inner child out in all of us.

We put a lot of trust in Santa, there was pressure with some questioning if Santa is real or not and we just didnt know what to expect. Let me tell you!! After his visit not only were we ALL believers but the magic of Christmas was alive and buzzing for days afterwards!!!

I highly recommend Truly Santa for my Niagara region peeps. Santa is a wonderful, kind and gentle person who is just the right fit for all ages, and any event!! Go check out his page Truly Santa

❤❤❤ Thank you Santa!!!!! ❤❤❤

Ginette Hunter (2019)

Please pass onto Santa what a great job he did. I don't think they have ever had such an authentic looking Santa before. The clients were thrilled to bits and so were the UCW women and the director at the centre. He made a lot of women happy today.

Mrs Richards.

Santa width grandma

Santa was outstanding! He was incredibly interactive with the entire family, from newborn to 80+! He made everyone laugh and smile I would recommend him a thousand times over!

It might have to be a new annual tradition!

Michelle Schouten - Milton

My husband arranged for Santa to come to my family’s Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve this year. It was such a nice surprise. Santa arrived with his sac of gifts and a cheerful HO-HO-HO that gave the inner child in me chills. He had each of us, even the Scroogiest of Scrooges, sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. Santa was personable, and had a joke ready for each of the adults. He was patient and loving with my 19 month old son who was just a little wary of this visitor in red. Everyone was beaming from ear to ear with laughter and happiness - this is what Christmas is all about. Thanks, Santa.

Michelle (Niagara 2017)

The joy that Santa brings to woodlands annual breakfast with santa event is outstanding. Tickets sales for this event are super hot when they see “Truly Santa” is coming to spend the morning at Woodland.

He is the highlight of our woodland community event!

Thank you Santa for being so amazing!

Woodland school parent council
St. Catharines

Truly santa is the best way to describe this man! My family have personally had this wonderful santa in our homes with our children for 13 years now. Our friends and family mark the date on their calendars not to miss the chance to come to our annual santa party! He truly is the real deal. Words cannot explain the magic he brings when he enters the room. No matter what the age- newborn to seniors this may brings the joy!

Kind, caring, jolly ol elf that I would say would be the highlight of your holiday season.

Thank you Santa for always bringing the magic to everyone’s lives!

Karen Bowen

KidLogic Staff and Santa Sherry and Santa

Dear Santa,

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for attending our annual Christmas Walk-through event. For quite a few years now you have brought warmth, cheer and good wishes to all of our KidLogic families and staff. The enjoyment you bring to the children during your visits is surely immeasurable and we all hold a special place for you in our hearts. We would certainly recommend you to all of our friends and families for their holiday festivities. Thank you for your continuous care, you provide a wonderful gift.

The KidLogic staff

WOW! That's the only way to describe this Santa.

In December 2016 "Truly Santa" magically appeared at our private party of friends. Everyone enjoyed sitting on Santa's knee whilst being infatuated with his stories. He is obviously well converse in worldly matters and quiet at home with all age groups.


Dr. Michael Smith
Woodside Dr.

On Sunday my Mum wanted a gift to bring her very good friend who is very ill and in a nursing home. So my Mum is feeling very blue, and goes into Just Christmas to find a cheery gift. Mum said, that she looked up and saw Santa Claus and he gave her a big hug and wished her a Merry Christmas. Mum responded with something uncharacteristically negative (she is usually a very happy person).. something like "I hope I am around to hear that on my 90th". My Mum is 88.

So Mum shopped and found a little sparkly Christmas tree for her friend's window. Just as she finished checking out, Santa came over to my Mum again and said "of course you will be here for me to wish you a 90th birthday" then gave her another big hug. Those two hugs helped my Mum immensely.

Mum said she'd never seen a Santa so real! I would appreciate if you could let Santa know that he really helped make an old Lady happy and filled her with the Christmas spirit.

I want to thank you for having such a great Santa Claus… and yes I am telling everyone with kids to go see him!! And he's endorsed by my Nana Flora (my Mum) as the real thing!

Safe journeys,
J.T (Niagara)

Dear Santa & Mrs. Claus

Thank you so very much for coming and taking the time out of your busy schedule. The two of you made the night.

Everyone had such a great time and laughed. I can't remember the last time our Christmas dinner & party was as enjoyable as it was tonight.

Not only were the members and wives of our Shrine Club there; but on nights such as this we always invite the widows of our clubs deceased members to join us. Some of the girls that won a gift were the widows, and one was my own mother. You and Mrs Claus helped bring a smile too their face, as well to us all.

Once again THANK YOU so very much.

Scott Pennwarden
Shriners Club Of Niagara

A Letter From A Mom Who Got A Special Early Visit For Her Little Girl On Christmas Eve

Thank you so much!!! My husband and I stood outside our daughters door when you left and cried you have no idea what impact you made on all our hearts!! Thank you!! You truly are amazing!!!!!!

Jennifer (Ontario, Canada)

Although he is a very busy man, Santa has visited our Community Day Supports Program for the past three years and has delighted 80 individuals with intellectual disabilities with his visits! Santa spends time talking to each individual and posing for a photo with anyone who is willing to sit on his knee. Santa is always patient and kind and he truly goes out of his way to touch the hearts of all those around him.

It is a joy to see the excitement on everyone's faces and Santa's visit truly puts us all in the Christmas Spirit.

Thank you Santa!

Community Living St. Catharines
Community Day Supports

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