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Making Magical Memories All Year Round

Well Hello Friends!

Santa putting a teddy bear in a stocking

Welcome to the world famous home of your loving friend Santa Claus! This is a special & very magical place you have found where the spirit of Christmas exists every day.

From my North Pole office I can talk to my friends from all over the world. Who ever said that you could only enjoy Santa during the Christmas season?

Mrs. Claus & I believe that the magic of Christmas is available to everyone in every season all year long... and so this web site is your portal to the premium & authentic Santa experience you want & deserve.

I want you to look at this special Christmas space on the web as your direct link to me all through the year.

Have a look Mom & Dad at all that we have to offer and I am sure you will find many of our services very creative and fun for the little ones & the big ones. HOHOHOHOHO!

I wish each of you all the magic, love and happiness in the world and hope to see you real soon. Remember Santa memories are available all year long. Embrace the magic!

Love, Santa

Santa's Christmas Countdown

204 days until Christmas!

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